Our Origin Story

Est. 2016

A dream that began in 2015 became a reality in February 2016 at the hands of two Dominican Chefs, Chef Mariale Ramos and Chef Marito Rodríguez. Giving formal start in a food truck parked in a parking lot in Santo Domingo and serving hundreds of diners daily at night. Specialists in their homemade dough, their combinations and the selection of their ingredients so that the final product is to the complete satisfaction of their customers. 

The Chefs are all about that real talk, swearin' by the truth that a little "treat" every now and then can straight-up transform into a bomb dish that fills you up and feeds the soul. Fast forward to the end of 2018 – guess what? Another dream of theirs comes to life when New York City hits 'em up to bring the Empanadas RD game to the U.S. Franchises poppin' off in 2019, kickin' it in the heart of New York City by the start of 2020. That's the Bronx hustlin' and making dreams reality!